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Sweet Compound Butter


Bring exciting flavours to your plain butter by whipping in Moroccan Spiced Sugar. You will be surprised how a pat of this butter will elevate your dishes. This butter also make a pretty addition to your table.



1 TBSP unsalted butter
2 tsp. Moroccan Spiced Sugar

Soften your butter to room temperature. Whip in Moroccan Spiced Sugar. Will keep for weeks in the refrigerator. For best flavours, serve at room temperature.

Add a pat of this butter to: Bread, toast, baked sweet potatoes, squash, hot buttered rum, hot apple cider, waffles, pancakes, french toast, melted on popcorn for a sweet salty alternative. Add 5-6 nuts of this butter in your apple pie before putting the top crust. Add to your bread pudding before baking. Add to your cookie batter.


Compound Butter Slices

This butter makes a tasty and pretty alternative on the table. Double or triple the recipe. Roll into a log on plastic wrap. Cover with the wrap and twist the ends of the wrap to make a tight log. and refrigerate. When the butter has solidified, remove wrap and cut your compound butter roll into slices. Place on a pretty dish. Give your guests the chance to try a few butters by making more than one mix at a time. Try our Magnifique Compound Butter, our Spicy Compound Butter and our Italian Compound Butter recipes.

Compound Butter Rosettes

For a more elegant serving, place your soft herb butter into a piping cone. Pipe the butter into rosettes onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Refrigerate until butter has hardened.

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