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No need to be an expert in the kitchen. Our recipes are easy to make and very flavorful.

Egyptian Crunched Chicken

Egyptian Crunch

Recipes with our Egyptian Crunch (Nut-Free Dukkah) Spice Blend.

Heavenly Squash

Moroccan Spiced Sugar

Recipes with our Moroccan Spiced Sugar Spice Blend.

Cheesy Loaded Nachos.jpg

Turkish Enchantment

Recipes with our Turkish Enchantment Spice Blend.

Greek Salad.jpg

Greek Bachariká

Recipes with our Greek Bachariká Spice Blend.

Banana Rumaki.jpg

Sultans' Delight

Recipes with our Sultans' Delight Spice Blend.

Rosemary Croutons.jpg

Tuscan Sunset

Recipes with our Tuscan Sunset Spice Blend.

Tomato and Bocconcini.jpg

Italian Bliss

Recipes with our Italian Bliss Spice Blend.

Spicy Hummus.jpg

Tunisian Harissa

Recipes with our Tunisian Harissa Spice Blend.

Stuffed Chicken Breast.jpg


Recipes with our Za'atar Spice Blend.

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