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Tunisian Harissa

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Net Weight: 65g

Ingredients: Tomato, chilies, lime, anise, coriander, cumin, garlic, vinegar, citric acid, sugar, sea salt (trace).

Low sodium blend! Gluten free and all natural.

Sold in a powder form, this tasty chili paste is an amazing condiment commonly found in Tunisian cuisine. Made with 4 different types of chilies, this blend rates as a 5-6 on the Scoville scale. Use it dry in soups and sauces or in a paste form (see our recipe page) as a condiment.

Looking for something a little hot and very tasty to compliment your meals? This harissa will surprise you!

Harissa is a condiment used much like ketchup and mustard. It is gaining popularity around the World and often used to flavour meat and couscous. In France, it is used as a spread on bread. In the Americas, it is added to pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, soups and is often used as a rub.

Sprinkle dry on avocado, popcorn, eggs, salads or spread onto pizzas as a base. Mix with yogurt, sour or cashew cream to create delicious dips. Makes excellent dipping sauces (see our recipe page) and makes a great BBQ sauce. Very versatile & very tasty!

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