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Greek Grilled Chicken Breast







Chicken breasts (slightly pounded)

extra virgin Olive Oil

Greek Bachariká spice blend


Marinade the chicken breasts 2 hours ahead of cooking or  preferably overnight with 1 tbsp of oil and 1 tsp Greek Bachariká.


Preheat the BBQ on high.


When BBQ is ready, place the chicken on the grill and lower the heat to medium. Cook for a few minutes on each side then turn off one of the burners and move the chicken over to that side.


Cook with lid down, basting with mixture of oil and Greek Bachariká.


Cook until the chicken breasts have reached 165 degrees internally, the juices are running clear and the meat is no longer pink.


Before serving, mix remaining olive oil and ½ tsp Greek Bachariká and drizzle over the chicken.

Serve with fresh Tzatziki sauce.


Serves 4.

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